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Patients who are missing teeth have a strong, beautiful alternative to bridges, partials, or full dentures.

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If you’ve suffered tooth damage or loss, you should know that there is hope to reclaim optimal appearance and function.

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If you would like to straighten your teeth but you don’t want to deal with a mouthful of metal for a couple of years, then consider Invisalign.

Michael C. Byars - Your Dentist in Liberty, MO

Giving You the Celebrity Smile That You Deserve!

"Dentistry Perfected" means so much more than a smoothly run dental practice with modern equipment and an exceptional dental team. It means confident, healthy smiles for you and your family; it means your restored outlook on life thanks to straighter, whiter teeth; it means relief from painful mouth disorders and harmful dental habits. Dr. Michael Byars and his expert dental professionals put this ideal to practice for families throughout the Kansas City - Liberty, Missouri area.

Why you should choose Byars Dental

Dental Services from Your Liberty, MO, Dentist

General and Family Dentistry. The foundation of our practice is the care and protection of your and your family’s smiles. Dr. Byars and his team practice general and family dentistry by focusing on preventing oral health concerns before they become painful or expensive. With this in mind, we recommend dental checkups every six months. This regularity allows us to more closely monitor your dental health for concerning changes and address them immediately. Bruxism, TMJ disorder, oral cancer and gum disease are just some of the conditions we look out for.

Children’s Dentistry. The dentist Liberty, MO, trusts for children’s dentistry is the dentist who practices professionally and, well, humorously. We pride ourselves on making your children’s visit to our office the most fun they can have with someone else’s fingers in their mouths! As we do at adult dental checkups, we’ll clean their teeth and remove plaque and check for early signs of gum disease or tooth decay. In addition, we might recommend fluoride treatments to strengthen tooth enamel and dental sealants to form a solid barrier against decay-causing bacteria.

Restorative Dentistry. Despite your best efforts to take care of your teeth at home—brushing twice a day and flossing at least once—and our best efforts in the office during your regular dental checkups, you’re probably going to need restorative dentistry at some point. Maybe the repair will be for something minor, such as a tooth-colored filling for a small cavity. On the other hand, if you need significant restoration, such as for an infected tooth that requires root canal therapy, Dr. Byars is well-trained to do that, too. Our other restorative treatments include dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, and full mouth reconstruction.

Cosmetic Dentistry. Once we are certain that we have your oral health well in hand, we’d be glad to talk to you about any of our cosmetic dentistry procedures that you may want to improve your smile. We have Opalescence Extra Boost for in-office teeth whitening or we can give you custom trays and whitening gel if you prefer to whiten at home. If you have teeth that are discolored, chipped, fractured or slightly misaligned, then porcelain veneers may be the solution. Made of ultra-thin sheaths of dental porcelain, veneers cover your natural smile’s imperfections and create a beautiful new smile. Finally, a complete smile makeover combines a number of procedures in order to rebuild your smile and your confidence.

Functional Dentistry . To prevent or manage dental problems, Dr. Byars, your Liberty, MO, dentist practices functional dentistry. This category of dentistry includes treatments such as mouthguards for teeth and gum protection during athletics; custom-fitted oral appliances that are worn while you sleep to protect your teeth from nighttime teeth grinding; and snore guards that are also worn during sleep to shift the lower jaw forward to prevent the soft tissue in your throat from blocking your airway.

Dr. Byars is the Liberty, MO, dentist who will provide you and your family with professional and compassionate care. We would love to earn the privilege of giving your whole family healthy smiles for a lifetime. Call 816-496-4853 or Schedule Your Appointment for a personalized consultation!

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Dr. Byars provides his patients a comfortable experience that results in a beautiful smile. Our stylish, contemporary office is the perfect setting for you to receive your new smile.

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