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Michael C. Byars,DDS
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Periodontal Therapy for Liberty & Kansas City

As much as 80% of US adults over 30 may be suffering from gum disease. If that isn’t frightening enough, the really unfortunate thing is that more than half of these people are completely unaware that something is wrong. The technical name for gum disease is periodontal disease, and it occurs when bacteria, plaque, and tartar at the gum line irritates, inflames, or breaks down the supportive tissue surrounding the tooth. That’s actually where the word periodontal comes from. “Perio” is Latin for around, and “odont” is Latin for tooth. Patients who live in or around Liberty and Kansas City, MO should contact Byars Dental for a gum disease consultation, if they experience any combination of the following symptoms:

Periodontal Therapies

We try to work with patients to prevent periodontal disease, but if it does occur, we offer a number of treatments to renew oral health. In the early stages of gum disease, known commonly as gingivitis, visiting our team for more frequent professional teeth cleanings coupled with more thorough at home care may be adequate to restore oral health. In the more severe stages, periodontitis, we may need to provide advanced treatments including:

  • Scaling – the systematic removal of plaque and tartar at the gum line and irrigation of the pockets between teeth
  • Root planing – the smoothing of tooth roots to prevent further buildup
  • Pocket depth reduction – often completed as part of scaling and root planing this procedure attaches the gum tissue to the tooth
  • Bone or tissue regeneration – treatments to promote the regrowth of healthy supportive tissues
  • Gum recontouring – reshaping gum line to look more even
  • Soft tissue grafts – replacing lost gum tissue

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