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Michael C. Byars,DDS
9051 NE 81st Terrace, Suite 210 Kansas City, MO 64158
(816) 781-8222

Restorative Dentistry in Kansas City near Liberty

We create stunning beauty, optimal health, and lasting function by restoring worn, decayed, or damaged teeth. Natural-looking dentistry, like tooth-colored fillings and ceramic crowns, can restore most common dental problems. If you’ve suffered tooth damage or loss, you should know that there is hope to reclaim optimal appearance and function. Give us a call, so we can plan your smile makeover together!

Read on to learn about the restorative procedures we offer.

Dental Crowns

Occasionally, a tooth weakened by advanced decay or a significant crack requires a dental crown. The crown covers the damaged tooth to restore form and function. We offer several excellent materials for creating custom-made crowns – ceramic, all porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and gold. Depending upon the location of the compromised tooth, Dr. Byars will recommend the best option.

Crowns and Bridges

A bridge, which is a row of fused prosthetic teeth, can permanently fill an unsightly gap that destroys your smile's beauty and function. We coordinate with a reputable lab to create bridgework that fits snugly and comfortably and appears indistinguishable from natural teeth. Many smiles have been rehabilitated through time-tested crown and bridge systems. Ask us how this procedure can work for you!

Learn More About Crowns & Bridges

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth decay will spread if not repaired, so Dr. Byars offers tooth-colored fillings made from composite resin, which provide a strong hold and custom color match. Alternatively, we can use traditional amalgam fillings upon request. We preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible when preparing a tooth for a filling because natural, healthy tissue is a precious commodity.

Learn More About Fillings

Full Mouth Reconstruction

After significant tooth loss caused by an accident, disease, or injury, a smile may seem beyond repair. However, with our comprehensive full mouth reconstructions, any patient can regain a strong, healthy, comfortable smile. We meet the most challenging of restoration cases with enthusiasm and skill and always use the patient's desired results as the goal. Let us give you back the smile you’ve lost. Call or e-mail us now for a full-mouth analysis.

Learn More About Full Mouth Rehab

Dental Implant Restoration

With our meticulous eyes for detail and skillful touch, we can restore damaged implants to their original splendor or place new restorations on your implant posts. For a seamless smile you can depend on for years, call us to schedule an implant restoration consultation.

Learn More About Implants

Root Canal Therapy

Many people hear “root canal” and panic, but if you knew how crucial this procedure is to preserving your tooth’s structure, you may see it in a different light. We use modern, comfortable tools to treat inflamed nerve tissue within a decaying tooth, relieve pain, and stop infection from spreading. After we carefully remove the nerve tissue, we fill the interior of the tooth to keep the structure intact. Special patient comfort measures, such as anti-anxiety medications, make getting a root canal just another dental visit. You can be sure that our gentle, compassionate staff make your experience pleasant and rewarding.

Learn More About Root Canals

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Byars and his team will do their utmost to help you avoid tooth loss. However, there are some instances when removing teeth is the best option to help patients keep their smiles whole and healthy. We may recommend extraction in the following situations:

  • Severe decay or damage
  • Cosmetic flaws that cannot be corrected with less invasive treatments
  • In preparation for orthodontic treatments
  • Prior to creating and placing partial or full dentures
  • To prevent potential crowding or impaction (inability of a tooth to erupt) that may occur due to the late eruption of wisdom teeth

Dentures & Partials

Partial and full dentures are recommended for patients who have experienced extensive tooth loss. Partial dentures combine a gum colored base with a series of replacement teeth. The base is shaped to fit between the remaining dental structures, supporting the replacement teeth. The partial is held in place by metal clasps or wires that connect to the healthy teeth. A full denture is similarly crafted from a gum colored base that supports replacement teeth. However, as there are no remaining teeth to support the prosthetic, the base is crafted to fit tightly against the gums creating natural suction that holds the denture in place.

Learn More About Dentures & Partials

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