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Michael C. Byars, DDS Blog

What Kinds of Summer Foods Can You Eat with Dental Implants?

July 21, 2022

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Man grilling some food during the summer

Summer is a time for grilled steak, cold treats, and other kinds of tasty foods. But if this is your first summer with dental implants, you’re probably wondering whether you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorites or if there are some foods you’ll need to stay away from. Fortunately, your dentist in Kansas City can give you a good idea of what summer foods you’ll be able to eat with dental implants.


Choosing the Right Toothbrush 6 Things to Think About

June 22, 2022

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Putting toothpaste on a blue toothbrush

At first glance, you might think all toothbrushes are alike. In reality, there are all kinds of important differences in brush design that can make each one either more or less suited to taking care of your smile. Your dentist in Kansas City can help you figure out what kind of toothbrush is the best choice for you; to help you get started, here are 6 important factors that you should keep in mind.


How to Know If You’re Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard

June 17, 2022

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Woman brushing her teeth in front of mirror

Too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing, and that definitely applies to brushing your teeth. Even if you clean them twice a day, using too much force can risk hurting your smile. To prove it, here’s a summary of overbrushing from your dentist in Kansas City. Read it over and let your oral hygiene take a step forward!


Why Should You Start Invisalign This Summer?

June 8, 2022

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Smiling young woman holding Invisalign aligner

As time goes on, more people hear about the incredible effects of Invisalign in Kansas City. You may have even seen ads recently that discuss its ability to straighten teeth. However, did you know starting treatment in the summer would give you even more benefits? It’s true — right now is one of the best times to begin your smile-straightening journey! As proof, here are three significant reasons you should get aligning trays this summer.


3 Cosmetic Dental Treatments That Are Perfect for Summer

May 12, 2022

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Teeth in tiny summer beach chairs

It’s tempting to laze about during the dog days of summer. Maybe you just want to read a book by the pool or tan yourself. However, you should see your dentist in Kansas City beforehand. You’ll want to show off more than just a beach-ready body this season — people will also be paying attention to your smile! 

Below are three cosmetic dental treatments that’d be perfect for the summer experience. Look them over and decide whether shiny teeth could enhance the relaxing days ahead.


3 Cavity-Causing Foods That You Wouldn’t Expect

May 10, 2022

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Woman holding giant cupcake and tooth

You probably think you have a handle on which foods cause cavities. Only stuff like cakes, cookies, candies, and ice cream generate tooth decay, right? You only need to avoid desserts and holiday sweets to support your teeth. Everything else, though? Fair game.

Unfortunately, your dentist in Kansas City knows this isn’t true. Many foods you wouldn’t expect can create cavities. For instance, read about the three products below before deciding on your next snack.


What You Need to Know About Oral Cancer

April 19, 2022

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Oral cancer screening.

Oral cancer is serious; according to the American Cancer Society, over 11,000 lives are lost every year to this terrible disease—and it affects many more. Late diagnoses often make treatment complicated, and despite the constant advancements in healthcare and science, there is still no definitive cure for oral cancer. However, there are many risk factors and warning signs associated with oral cancer and knowing what to look for and how to take care of your mouth can go a long way towards preventing it. Keep reading to learn more.


Why It’s Worth Putting Your Tax Refund Towards Dental Visits

April 5, 2022

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Money bank for visiting a dentist in Kansas City

It’s that time of year again to file taxes, which is not necessarily the most exciting thing in the world. However, what can be exciting is getting a large refund. In some cases, people receive thousands of dollars back from the IRS! If your refund was larger than expected and you’re feeling inclined to splurge, it’s worth giving your smile a second look. By investing in your oral health, you give yourself peace of mind and potentially save big on needing other dental treatments later!


Time for Spring Cleaning – Don’t Forget Your Teeth!

March 19, 2022

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Woman smiling outside with beautiful teeth

Now that Spring is here, you’re probably checking items off your list of cleaning duties. Whether it’s organizing the garage, cleaning out your pantry, or getting your yard in tip-top shape, this time of the year is often productive. However, this is also a great opportunity to renew your smile and improve your oral health. Read on to learn some easy steps you can take to give your smile a true Spring cleaning!


5 Common Reasons People Hesitate to Visit the Dentist

March 4, 2022

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man afraid of dentist in Kansas City

It’s highly recommended that you schedule a dental visit at least every six months. This is to help keep track of your oral health and prevent any developing issues from getting bigger. So, why are some people hesitant to get a checkup? Listen to your dentist in Kansas City as they explain five of the most common reasons a person might avoid dental care.

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